“Gotta Get Exposed” Update

After last week’s blog, reader comments indicate solid support for the “gotta get exposed” theory explained in the blog entry below. Several country folks added insights such as these: 


Of course, personal anecdotes aren’t scientific, but another news article did pop up after we published the blog. A study published in the Journal of Clinical Pediatrics says city children are more likely to have food allergies than kids who grow up in rural areas.

For a different take on rural life and foodbourne illnesses, check out the CAST blog from April 6, “What’s Making us Sick?“.  We look at the ten most deadly outbreaks of food and waterborne illnesses in United States history and relate the incidents to growing up on a farm. 

You also might want to visit the CAST Pinterest site, including its section on “Food and Food Safety.”

Note: The next new blog entry will be posted on June 27.

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