Groundwater Concerns Span Across the U.S.

Updated 3/1/2019:

CAST hosted three events in our nation’s capital earlier this week to promote our newest paper, Aquifer Depletion and Potential Impacts on Long-term Irrigated Agricultural Productivity. 

The publication reviews the causes and consequences of groundwater depletion, with a focus on impacts to agriculture. This understanding can aid in developing effective policies and practices for groundwater development, use, and management.

At these events, the paper’s task force chair, Dr. John Tracy, outlined some of the economic consequences we can expect to see when we deplete our aquifers–along with how mitigation practices will serve those most affected. The takeaway: water is local, and so are its issues. That means the solutions should be, too.

“Groundwater depletion is going to have to be addressed by understanding what the drivers are and what potential solutions are at a local to regional level,” Tracy said.

See the full video of Dr. Tracy’s talk and the panel discussion.

Check out photos from all three events.

Groundwater Issues Across the United States
Groundwater issues have recently speckled local news cycles across the nation with reports describing contaminated water affecting surrounding farms and communities and what some communities are doing about it. 

Here are some of those reports below: 

Credit: U.S. Geological Survey

Despite reports of contaminated groundwater, some states and municipalities are taking aquifer protection into their own hands: 

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