Hayley Palensky at CAST

Hayley and Arlo pause during a
photo shoot.

New Intern Ready to Learn and Contribute

Hayley Palensky recently joined CAST as a summer intern, and although she will focus on financial and accounting duties, she also brings other skills. She is majoring in marketing at Iowa State University, and she has been actively involved with the campus Collegiate Women in Business club. Hayley helped with the marketing aspects of the ISU Fashion Show, one of the largest student-run fashion events in the country.

Hayley grew up in the country and loves being surrounded by nature. As she sees it, “I got the best of both worlds growing up because I got the quiet country life so I could relax when I wanted, but I also was close to town and the bustle of a college campus with an abundance of things to do.”

Hayley’s parents are both veterinarians, so it is no surprise she has a love of animals. She is especially fond of her black lab, Arlo. “He has tons of space to run around outside, so sometimes he is giving me a workout instead of the other way around.” Hayley says Arlo rarely stands still, but as the picture demonstrates, the dog is willing to stop and pant for a minute during a special photo shoot.

With summer classes and an internship, Hayley is busy and focused on her future. “I’m hoping to go into a design-related field when I graduate,” she said. She also plans to make the most of her new intern position. “CAST is helping me fine tune my financial skills for the business world.” CAST staff members welcome Hayley and look forward to her input.

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