Impact of COVID-19 on Pets and Livestock

April 10, 2020 

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Pets, Vets, and Livestock: What Experts Say About Animals’ Susceptibility to COVID-19 

After several weeks of reported human COVID-19 cases in the United States, a tiger from the New York Zoo has been diagnosed with the virus. Now, many are questioning whether pets and livestock are susceptible to the virus as well as wondering if this particular virus can transfer to other species.

While the topic is loaded, experts state that is it highly unlikely animals—pet and livestock alike—will become infected with COVID-19. It is also unlikely that the coronavirus can be spread through interacting with animals, but the CDC provides guidelines for interacting with animals if you are sick.

See the news stories below to learn what more experts have to say about animals and the coronavirus: 

We’re also providing resources for up-to-date information about COVID-19’s impact on animal health. 

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Photo Credit: Pig photo by Christopher Carson on Unsplash; cat photo by Michael Sum on Unsplash

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