Infographic: CAST Publications Through the Years

CAST has an impressive publications record since our founding in 1972. 

We’ve published more than 400 papers, which equals out to be roughly 8.5 publications a year for 47 yearsLast year, we published six papers, which is double what we sent to press in 2017

Why don’t we roll out the same amount of publications each year? Our authors and reviewers–made up of specialized researchers and experts–place great care in the information presented to stakeholders like you. We believe in presenting credible, accurate, and science-based information in order to better educate those who are invested in agriculture.

No matter what the topic–whether it’s covering the latest issues in plant and animal science or food labeling concerns in your local grocery store–we are focused on communicating credible, objective science. 

Check out the various types of publications CAST has distributed since our founding in 1972 in our infographic below. 

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