Introducing CAST’s New Interns

Hello everyone, this is Sally blogging on behalf of the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology to wish good luck to our advancing interns, as well as welcoming in our new ones.

With Iowa finally getting its initial start on spring, so are CAST’s graduating, advancing, and new interns. Shannon Snider graduated with her masters in accounting and will be starting her job this summer, Elizabeth Burns-Thompson graduated this spring and will be attending Drake University to pursue a degree in agriculture law, and Allyson Ladd is taking on an internship with Winfield Solutions. CAST wishes them all the best in their future journeys.
New interns joining the CAST crew include Alec Kestel and myself, Sally Gorenz.

Starting off with Alec, he will be a senior this fall at Iowa State University with a major in Accounting. He grew up in Storm Lake, Iowa, with his two sisters, and his family-farmed corn and soybeans. He was involved in many different sports throughout high school–golf, baseball, basketball, football–and currently is involved with different intramurals at Iowa State. In his free time he enjoys fishing, golfing, and hunting. After graduation, Alec would like to pursue a career as a Certified Public Accountant.

Favorite movie that he could be watch over and over: Step Brothers

Favorite artist always on iPod: Different country artist
Food he could not live without: Pizza

The one place he wants to go: Alaska
The first thing he would do if he hit the Powerball: Retire
Interesting Fact: Came from a high school of less than 80 people

As for myself, I will be a junior this coming fall at Iowa State University with a major in agriculture communications and minor in journalism and mass communications. I grew up around my family farm in Maple Park, Illinois, with four younger siblings, horses, lambs, dogs, cats, and the occasional pet toad or fish. My dad’s side farmed corn and soybeans, while my mom’s side came from a background composed of the thoroughbred racing industry, the sod business, and cattle. I was an active member in FFA, 4-H, and sports. At Iowa State I am involved with Ag Communications of Tomorrow club and intramurals. One day I would like to work with an agricultural company with their consulting, retail, or sales department and own a place with animals of my own.
Favorite movie that I could watch over and over: 10 Things I Hate about You
Favorite artist always on iPod: Depends on my mood, but can’t go wrong with country or rock
Food I could not live without: Spaghetti
The one place I have want to go: A tie between Ireland and Australia
The first thing I would do if I hit the Powerball: Buy a ranch, travel the world while taking a few family and friends along, and put some into savings
Interesting Fact: I once outdrove an LPGA player when I was in 4th grade

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