May: The Month of Planting and Protein

“A wet May brings a big load of hay. A cold May is kindly and fills the barn finely. Mist in May and heat in June makes harvest come right soon.” – Author Unknown

It’s hard to believe we are already halfway through the month of May. As farmers get closer to wrapping up this year’s planting season, it seems like an appropriate time to mention just how important this month is to the agricultural industry. Not only are farmers planting seeds in hopes of a bountiful harvest later this fall–but we also pay tribute to several commodity groups and the individuals who work tirelessly to provide a healthy, nutritious product for our dinner plates.

May is National Beef Month
Beef cattle production is one of the strongest agricultural industries within the United States and throughout the world. From the farmers and ranchers to the processors, thousands of people play an integral role in the journey of beef from farm to fork. We celebrate those who help provide and prepare this wholesome product during the month of May with National #BeefMonth.

A new report released earlier this month highlights the commitment to animal welfare, beef quality, sustainability, and community involvement by America’s cattlemen and women, resulting in responsibly raised beef. You can visit this link for further resources and news concerning the beef industry.

May is National Egg Month
While eggs are commonly associated with breakfast and protein, many aren’t aware of the nutrient package the incredible, edible egg provides. From hard-boiled and scrambled to perfectly poached, eggs can be enjoyed in countless ways. This protein-packed food source is an affordable way to keep you full and energized throughout the day. We celebrate “nature’s miracle food” during the month of May with National #EggMonth.

Within the last few months, recent egg research has been hitting the newsstands:

As you can see, May is an exciting time for agriculture. For the remainder of the month, I encourage you to find ways to get involved and celebrate these delicious and nutritious sources of protein. Fire up the grill to cook yourself a juicy steak, add eggs to your diet, share your story from the farm to help educate others, or schedule a visit for some hands-on learning. Whatever you choose, let’s celebrate the power of protein!   

By: Kylie Peterson (photos from: and

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