Top 50 Food Questions – Video Series

Scientific Answers to Your Food Questions

Many consumers walk the grocery aisles and food markets in a fog—overwhelmed by the amount of data, confusing labels, and vast array of choices. As they reach for items from the shelves, shoppers don’t have time to review scientific papers—and that’s where CAST comes in. CAST is creating a series of 50 informative, entertaining 90-second videos that will be professionally written, produced, and distributed. Each addresses one question that people want answered about “Food”—food safety, food ingredients, farming and production methods, or environmental impacts. Each video provides facts with answers scripted by food science experts and edited in understandable language by CAST. By answering key questions about food, CAST clears the air for those consumers in the aisles.

Enjoy these sample videos. For more information on how to support production of videos to answer a food question like the ones listed below, please contact Kent Schescke at 515-292-2125 ext. 231. You may also support this effort through contributions to the Publications, Videos, and Outreach Support Fund.


1. What agricultural innovations are available but not being used and why?
2. What is biotech salmon and should it be on the market?
3. What are proper food handling procedures for produce, meat, and fish?
4. Are there antibiotics in my meat?
5. What are the benefits of meat consumption?
6. What are key agricultural practices for conserving water?
7. Can farming help reduce greenhouse gases?
8. Do meats contain growth hormones?
9. What are omega-3 fatty acids and are they good for you?
10. What’s the latest regarding probiotics?
11. Is all bacteria on food harmful?
12. Where do agricultural greenhouse gases come from?
13. Why do some states outlaw raw milk?
14. What’s the difference between the “sell by” and “use by” dates on food products?
15. What causes food to spoil?
16. Are pollinating bees becoming scarce and if so, why?
17. What is high fructose corn syrup? (called corn sugar)
18. What is a gluten-free diet and who should use it?
19. What chemicals commonly go on fields and why?
20. How much do chemicals drift and/or run off when applied in agricultural situations?
21. Are processed foods less healthy and maybe dangerous?
22. Is irradiated food dangerous?
23. What does the USDA inspect in meat and what are they looking for?
24. Why do biotech (GMO) crops cause such debate?
25. How does lawn fertilizer affect the environment?
26. What are biofuels and how do they affect my food supply?
27. What is organic food?
28. Can foodborne illness occur in organic food as often as in non-organic food?
29. Are there “apps” for food safety?
30. What is farm-raised fish?
31. What is a food desert?
32. What is the relationship between soil and nutrients?
33. Which invasive species should concern us? (e.g., will Asian carp take over the world?)
34. Which insects are beneficial?
35. Which type of vegetables is healthiest – canned, frozen, or fresh?
36. Is too much fiber a bad thing?
37. Is sugar in fruit healthy?
38. How much does waste contribute to world hunger?
39. How much do poor food distribution and inadequate storage contribute to world hunger?
40. How does a vegetarian diet affect health?
41. What are the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables?
42. What is “cage free” livestock production?
43. What does “free range” livestock production mean?
44. The cost of a box of cornflakes – where does the money go?
45. What apps and other high tech devices are farmers using?
46. What happened to “pink slime” and was it ever really “slimy”?
47. What are healthy fats?
48. Are agricultural water standards adequate?
49. Does climate change mean a change in farming practices?
50. What are the main issues in the biofuel controversies?


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