Member Spotlight Q&A: Dr. Sally Flis

Our members are the lifeblood of our organization. They are students, farmers, researchers, department heads, industry experts, food scientists, agronomists--the list goes on. No matter their background, we all have the same wish: to assemble, create and share credible, balanced, science-based information. Read about who makes up CAST in our Member Spotlight series. In this post, you will meet Dr. Sally Flis.

Meet Dr. Sally Flis | Director of Agronomy

Who do you represent and what is your role at CAST? 
I represent The Fertilizer Institute, we are the industry trade group for fertilizer manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers in the U.S. I serve as the chair of the Plant Work Group and as the representative to the CAST Board of Directors from the Plant Work Group.

How long has your organization been a member of CAST? How long have you been a member of CAST?
TFI has been a member of CAST for 3 years and so have I.

How did you first hear about CAST? 
I had heard about CAST at some regional American Society of Agronomy Meetings and then through visits to TFI from Kent [Schescke] and other board members.

What agricultural issue is most important to your organization? What agricultural issue is most important to you? 
Water and air quality are high concern for our organization and reducing loss to these systems through improved 4R nutrient stewardship practices.

To me, the most important issue is general knowledge of crop and animal production systems and the science that is used to make decisions every day on the farm.

Why does your organization support CAST? Why do you choose to support CAST? 
TFI supports CAST because of the quality of the programming across the board, from the papers to the role out events to the annual meeting. TFI values the approach to distilling and disseminating ag science.

I value CAST for all of the same reasons in addition to the personal connections I have made in a broader spectrum of the industry through involvement in the working group and on the board.

What role does CAST play in our society? 
CAST plays a critical role in distilling and analyzing the body of work available on ag science topics that makes it easier to share with everyone.


Thank you, Dr. Flis, for sharing your story and why you are a member of CAST.

Stay tuned for our next installment in CAST’s Member Spotlight series.

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