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August is “Celebrate CAST Members Month”

Gary Lortscher and his wife Betty of Bern, Kansas, purchased the family’s country elevator in 1975–Lortscher Agri Service, Inc., founded in 1948 by his parents Dave and Marjorie Lortscher. In 2012, Lorscher Animal Nutrition Inc. was created to help evolve as an even stronger animal nutrition provider.

“On that day in 1975, we became quite involved in agriculture,” explains Gary. “An analysis of the agricultural industry in our county did not bode well for a small country elevator at the time. Nonetheless, we plundered ahead with minimal revenues.” Even though times were tough and profits were minimal, Gary and Betty chose to support, as a company, two entities–one was the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST).

Lifetime members of CAST, Gary and Betty saw their involvement with CAST as an opportunity that they could not miss out on. “We saw CAST as a respected entity in aiding our Congress in their drafting regulatory requirements and in being a reliable source of information for customers. Now, these many years later, we still see CAST accomplishing these functions. Congratulations to CAST!”

Since becoming proud owners and operators of Lortscher Animal Nutrition Inc. some 42 years ago, they diversified into custom pet food manufacturing, which allowed them to offer agricultural inputs and services to their agricultural customers while beginning to play a role in the manufacturing of pet foods.

Betty and Gary transitioned out as owners in 2010. “We stand in awe of what new owners–our son and his spouse, our daughter and her spouse, and our manager–are accomplishing!” Gary and Betty admit that they are loyal readers of CAST Friday Notes and often chuckle when watching some of the videos.

If you are interested in reaping the benefits of CAST, as does Gary and Betty, visit our website for more information or call us at 515-292-2125. 

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