Corporate Membership

As a CAST Corporate Member, your organization can help CAST to address some of the most important issues that impact our planet, such as how to feed the world’s population; water and soil conservation; leading land use practices; and animal, food, and environmental science. This is accomplished through credible science-based publications, online resources, and videos that are written and supported by scientists, economists, legal experts, and other professionals, then made available to a wide audience.

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Corporate Membership Benefits

Your organization’s membership dues help support CAST’s important work of communicating credible, science-based information to a wide audience. As a member, your organization can enjoy the following benefits.

Friday Notes. Two representatives from your organization receive a subscription to CAST’s Friday Notes, our signature e-newsletter published and distributed 48 times a year; the Notes provide timely links to the latest news across the full spectrum of agricultural topics.

Publications and Resources. With every publication release, CAST sends your organization a printed copy of new Issue Papers, Special Publications, and Task Force Reports. Commentaries and Ag quickCASTs are available as free downloads from the CAST website. These brief, highly focused documents provide timely information on “hot topics” in agriculture, in user-friendly language. Your staff will also have online access to all CAST publications and archived issues of Friday Notes.

Recognition of your support. Your organization is recognized on the CAST website and in the CAST Annual Report.

CAST is a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Therefore, your membership contribution may qualify as a charitable contribution under IRS guidelines.

Corporate Contribution Requirements

Contribution amounts are discretionary, starting at $250. Companies contributing $250 up to $25,000 may appoint two representatives to receive all membership benefits listed above.

Companies contributing $25,000 and above also receive the following additional benefits.

Representation on the CAST Board of Representatives. Your organization may enjoy a deeper engagement with CAST through a representative from your organization who serves on an Animal Ag and Environment, Food Science and Safety, or Plant Ag and Environment Work Group. The primary charge of a work group is to identify, clarify, and prioritize national issues and concerns they believe CAST should address; and then develop proposals for new publications and/or projects. Representation with CAST provides your organization:

Friday Notes Distribution. Your organization may distribute CAST Friday Notes to all internal employees.

Recognition on Publications. In addition to the CAST website and Annual Report, your company will have its name listed on publications and Friday Notes.

Membership to the Board is granted on application, which must be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors and payment of dues.

CAST Corporate Membership Information and Application

For more information regarding membership please contact our membership department at 515-292-2125.

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Your donation to CAST helps support the CAST mission of communicating science to meet the challenge of producing enough food, fiber and fuel for a growing population. Every gift, no matter the size, is appreciated.