NC-FAR “Ag Policy” Rollout Presentation

Media Advisory:  NC-FAR Hill Seminar, Monday, February 1, 2010
Agricultural Productivity Strategies for the Future: Addressing U.S. and Global Challenges
Washington, D.C., January 27 — The second National C-FAR “Lunch~N~Learn” Hill Seminar of 2010 will be Monday, February 1, from 12:00–12:55 p.m. in 1302 Longworth House Office Building.  The featured speaker is Dr. Gale Buchanan, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, The University of Georgia, Tifton Campus, who will discuss the unprecedented challenges facing twenty-first century agriculture.
“We need to end the three-decade-long pattern of living beyond our means; importing more than we export, borrowing more than we lend, spending more than we earn, and consuming more than we produce,”  says Dr. Buchanan. “We are most concerned about the apparent lack of commitment by the United States and other countries to make the research and education expenditures needed to address the problems affecting our survival on this planet. Complacency is unwarranted at this time of unprecedented challenges.”
“We are pleased to help facilitate the necessary discussions about how multidisciplinary research and education can help attain long-term solutions for pressing agricultural issues,” said Chuck Conner, President of the National Coalition for Food & Agricultural Research (National C-FAR). “This presentation is an excellent example of how federally funded food and agriculture research and extension can produce the scientific outcomes and outreach needed to meet 21st century challenges and opportunities.”
Dr. Gale Buchanan: Dean and Director Emeritus, Athens, College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences, University of Georgia, Tifton Campus.  Dr. Buchanan is the former USDA Under Secretary for Research, Education, and Economics.  He chaired the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) Task Force for CAST Issue Paper 45, Agricultural Productivity Strategies for the Future: Addressing U.S. and Global Challenges.
The seminar is open to the public and the media.
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