New Air Issues Presentation Available Now on Video

September 19, 2011

Dr. Frank Mitloehner says he hopes to ‘clear the air’ about the important topic of air quality and the role agriculture plays.


Professor Frank Mitloehner presented timely material from CAST’s publication, Air Issues Associated with Animal Agriculture: A North American Perspective, at three rollout events in Washington, D.C., on Monday, September 19.  A respected researcher at the University of California-Davis, Mitloehner has been popular on the speaking circuit because of his insights regarding agriculture and air quality issues. Monday’s events were at a USDA gathering, an NC-FAR luncheon, and an American Farm Bureau Federation meeting.

Animal agriculture contributes to air quality issues that can result in ominous clouds of protest or favorable breezes bringing economic gains and much-needed food supplies. CAST’s Issue Paper comes during a time when the public and policymakers alike need credible information. Led by Dr. Larry Jacobson, the team of experts examines a large amount of data, and they go beyond the generalizations and accusations often associated with the air quality topic. As Chuck Conner, President of the National Coalition for Food and Agricultural Research Board of Directors, states, “This presentation provides an excellent example of the value of federally funded food and agricultural research in producing the scientific outcomes and outreach needed to meet 21st century challenges and opportunities.”

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