New CAST Issue Paper Available–Food, Fuel, and Plant Nutrient Use in the Future

March 22, 2013

Food Fuel and Plant Nutrient Use in the Future

How well we research, plan, and implement the proper use of nutrients could influence how well we eat in the near future. This publication looks at the process shaping the current nutrient situation and the resulting requirements as world food production evolves during the next 40 years.  Using information they and others have compiled for a new CAST Issue Paper, Dr. David Zilberman and Dr. Bruce Dale made specific observations and pointed out trends that will affect food production in the coming decades at three presentations in Washington, D.C.  On Monday, March 18, they spoke at a National C-FAR (NC-FAR) morning briefing in the Russell Senate Building, an NC-FAR Lunch-N-Learn seminar in the Longworth House Building at noon, and an afternoon session co-hosted by Farm Foundation that was open to the public.

The text of the new Issue Paper #51 is available here

Issue Paper 51 Rollout Presentation by Dr. Zilberman and Dr. Bruce Dale


Below: A look at some of the activities that occurred during the Washington, D.C., rollouts on March 18.

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