New CAST Paper Explores Strategies to Prevent Invasive Plant Species

We are pleased to announce the publication of our latest issue paper, “Preventing the Next Invasive Plant: Opportunities and Challenges,” which was expertly chaired by Dr. Deah Lieurance, Assistant Professor of Invasive Species Biology and Management at Penn State University, and Dr. Theresa Culley, Professor of Plant Ecology at the University of Cincinnati. This paper offers a comprehensive examination of risk assessment methodologies in the context of invasive plant species management, including their applications, associated benefits, costs, and the future trajectory of this critical field.

To delve into this important topic further, we invite you to visit the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST) website, where you can access additional information about the paper and its distinguished authors. Download the paper to explore the latest insights and recommendations in invasive plant prevention. Together, let us continue our efforts to safeguard ecosystems from the threats posed by invasive species.

Click on the button below to learn more about the paper, download a copy and watch the webinar recording. 

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