New Student Administrative Assistant at CAST

Michael Gallagher recently joined CAST as the new Student Administrative Assistant of Finance and Membership. He is interested in learning more about keeping track of the accounts receivable and financial statements and is looking forward to learning more about the different aspects of finance and accounting that will help him in his career in Finance.  

Michael grew up as the youngest of three children in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Growing up he would spend all his time outside. He would spend his time fishing, building forts and rafts, and camping in the woods with his friends. He grew up working jobs in landscaping and lawn care, a few summers of construction work, and now owns a home maintenance business in Ames that he runs when he is not busy with school or working at CAST.

Michael graduated high school in 2019 and started at Iowa State University during the fall. During his first year of college, he was part of the Construction Engineering program. After his first year, he decided that he liked the financial part of businesses and changed his major to finance. During high school Michael was a part of the football, basketball, and track teams. He also was on the student council, and part of the group Leadership for Five Seasons and many other activities. During his time in college, he was the treasurer for his dorm building his freshman year, and is a member of the Finance club, and Ski/Snowboard club. 

Michael’s favorite study spot on campus is in his hammock under some trees, enjoying the weather. When he is not busy with school or work Michael loves to golf, snowboard, go on hikes, and spend time with his family and friends. He hopes to stay as busy as he can with school and work until he graduates in the fall. After graduation Michael hopes to move south and have a long and successful career in the finance industry.

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