Nick’s Next Chapter

Nick Plaugher has been the communications project coordinator since the spring of 2022 and will finish his term with CAST this month. He will be graduating from the University of Missouri this semester and is planning for a career in communications and leadership. Nick is planning to move home to West Virginia and pursue remote work options or start a career in his home state. He looks forward to continuing to practice photo and video work and traveling. 

Nick’s favorite memories have been building meaningful relationships and managing communications projects with CAST members and stakeholders. He has also enjoyed the hospitality and friendship of everyone on CAST Staff. His advice to future students working with CAST is to take advantage of the knowledge and skills of those around you. “Ask questions and soak it all in” there are wonderful people who can teach you many things at CAST. Your growth while working at CAST can be exponential if you always try to learn and do just a little more.  

Some tasks Nick has been able to complete during his time with CAST include: 

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