Nominations are Open for the 2020 BCCA

UPDATE: Nominations for the 2020 Borlaug CAST Communication Award are now closed.

Nominations are now open for the 2020 Borlaug CAST Communication Award, an honor that recognizes professionals actively working in the agricultural, environmental, or food sectors who are promoting agricultural science in the public policy arena. This award has become an influential component in the efforts to keep agricultural issues and programs in the public eye and in front of national and world policymakers.

Organized by the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology, the award carries on the legacy of Dr. Norman Borlaug. Stakeholders in the CAST organization have special insights into the world of agriculture, and with this open nomination process, you have a chance to get actively involved.

On October 16, CAST celebrated the 10th anniversary of its annual Borlaug CAST Communication award breakfast held during the World Food Prize Symposium. The 2019 prize winner, Dr. Frank Mitloehner, demonstrated how facts, logic, and clear messages can help explain information in ways that the public understands. Participants saw “communication in action,” as he pointed out how misleading media reports cause confusion. Mitloehner was joined by four previous BCCA winners for panel discussion moderated by Julie Borlaug. ( View list of past BCCA winners.)

Words, deeds, and programs need to become the actions that help farmers and consumers worldwide. CAST welcomes your input in the effort to find those who effectively communicate Dr. Borlaug’s call to feed the world.
The award winner will receive a bronze sculpture, an honorarium, and the opportunity to give a presentation at a CAST award ceremony during the 2020 World Food Prize Symposium.

Download the 2020 Nomination Packet and Form

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