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Other Publications - January 1972
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Dr. Borlaug was a lifelong promoter and advocate for the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology (CAST), beginning at its founding in 1972. He was the featured speaker at the CAST–Industry Conference, held in January 1973, at which CAST was introduced to the agribusiness community. His remarks at the conference—later published as CAST Paper #1—helped establish the new organization and set the tone for its mission and impact.

It is opportune today that the Council for Agricultural Science and Technology is being formed to bring back together, after many years of separation, the different disciplines of agricultural science into a body designed to affect overall policy of agricultural development….CAST therefore has both a tremendous responsibility and opportunity to present unbiased, scientific data on many of these issues to congressmen, policy makers, and the general public so that wise policy and legislation will be enacted. I have faith the correct decisions will be made if the facts are made known to the general public and to the national and state legislative leaders. [Excerpt from CAST Paper No. 1]


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Norman Borlaug

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