Stewardship Challenges for New Pest Management Technologies in Agriculture

CAST Commentaries - QTA2020-2 - May 2020
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Technology is a key enabler of more efficient agricultural production as growers attempt to meet the cost-effective need for increased food, fiber, and bioenergy, while managing limited inputs, conserving valuable natural resources, and protecting environmental quality. Each new pest management technology (weed, insect, disease) developed brings a number of benefits and risks—environmental, health, resistance—that must be considered and managed through effective stewardship practices to ensure that benefits are fully realized while risks are minimized.

This CAST Commentary

Chair: David Shaw, Mississippi State University

QTA2020-2, 24 pp., May 2020, Available free online.

Publication Impact Report – FINAL (May 2022)

Task Force Chair

David R. Shaw

Task Force Authors

David E. Ervin

George Frisvold

Raymond A. Jussaume, Jr.

Gregory A. Sword

Task Force Reviewers

Amy Asmus

Terrance M. Hurley

Clinton D. Pilcher

Jill Schroeder

Task Force Board Liaison

Melissa Johnson

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