Water Quality: Agriculture’s Role

Task Force Reports - R120 - December 1992
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This report discusses modern agriculture’s impacts on the environment, especially surface and groundwater. This report increases the understanding of the science, risks, benefits, and realities of agricultural production and water quality protection. Chair: Frank J. Humenik, North Carolina State University, Raleigh.

R120, December 1992, 103 pp. OUT OF PRINT, Available as download only.

Task Force Chair

Frank Humenik

Task Force Members

Richard Adams

Steve Ainsworth

Wayne Carlson

Roy Carriker

Joseph Cotruvo

John Doull

Glenn Hoffman

Arthur Hornsby

Ralph Leonard

Lawrence Libby

Marian Mlay

Roberta Parry

Ronald Poltak

Parker (deceased) Pratt

Merilyn Reeves

William Sopper

Mary Beth St. Clair

Alan Sutton

John Thorne

Ronald Turco

Marylynn Yates

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