Zoonotic Diseases in Animal Agriculture and Beyond: A One Health Perspective

Special Publication - SP33 - November 2022
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By looking through the lens of One Health, we identify key lessons learned in the dynamics of zoonotic diseases including their transmission and prevention. With this knowledge and the insights from the vignettes presented in this paper, we are able to make more effective recommendations to address the growing challenges of zoonoses. Finally, the paper discusses the need and benefits for agriculture to become more engaged in One Health activities and opportunities to better manage the global threats of zoonotic diseases.

Chair: Lonnie King, College of Veterinary Medicine, The Ohio State University. SP33,

November 2022, 72 pp. Available free online and in print (fee for shipping/handling).

OP-ED:  Special Opportunity for Synergy Among Animal Agriculture, Human Health, and the Environment – a One Health Approach

Q&A Summary from the November 17, 2022 Webinar

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Task Force Chair

Lonnie King

Task Force Author(s)

Tavis K. Anderson

Casey Barton Behravesh

Laura E. Binkley

Bernadette Dunham

Tracey Dutcher

John L. Gittleman

Wondwossen A. Gebreyes

Laura H. Kahn

Megin Nichols

Joan B. Rose

Johanna S. Salzer

G. Sean Stapleton

Patrick R. Stephens

Erica Spackman

David E. Swayne

Amy L. Vincent Baker

Task Force Reviewers

Craig Carter

Terry F. McElwain

Donald Noah

Paul Plummer

CAST Liaisons

Sara Crawford

Mohamed El-Gazaar

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