Cromwell, Gary L.

Biotechnology in Animal Agriculture: An Overview
Category: Cromwell, Gary L.
February, 2003

PART 1 OF A 9-PART SERIES, “ANIMAL AGRICULTURE’S FUTURE THROUGH BIOTECHNOLOGY.”Written by a task force of nine scientists, this issue paper summarizes existing and emerging technologies and assesses their current and potential impacts. The authors suggest that research on biotechnology in animal production is leading to breakthroughs on many fronts.

Animal Diet Modification to Decrease the Potential for Nitrogen and Phosphorus Pollution
Category: Cromwell, Gary L.
July, 2002

This issue paper outlines the technologies and approaches that poultry and livestock producers can use to decrease the amounts of nitrogen and phosphorus entering the environment. This study focuses on two nutrients and addresses two environmental concerns: volatilization and manure nutrient distribution.