Frankenberger, Jane

Reducing the Impacts of Agricultural Nutrients on Water Quality across a Changing Landscape
Category: Frankenberger, Jane
May, 2019

Although efficiency of our agricultural systems has increased, water quality remains a concern with minimal measured improvements observed nationwide. This paper provides an overview of the processes, conservation practices, and programs that influence the impact of agriculture on surface and groundwater quality.

Problemas del agua y el suelo asociados con la ganadería (QC)
Category: Frankenberger, Jane
November, 2013

This one-page Ag quickCAST contains excerpted material from its companion CAST document (IP 50), Water and Land Issues Associated with Animal Agriculture: A U.S. Perspective.

Water and Land Issues Associated with Animal Agriculture: A U.S. Perspective
Category: Frankenberger, Jane
August, 2012

This paper (IP 50) addresses specific water and land concerns related to animal agriculture. The authors consider issues of water use and water quality associated with the livestock sector and the related environmental and economic impacts.