State Fair Food, Politicians, Dung Fun, and Mutton Bustin’

State Fair season has started, and partisans can argue about which one is best. From Minnesota to Texas, the festivities will continue for the next few months. Deep fried food on a stick usually gets the most attention, but this year politicians on a soapbox are running a close second. These early state fair articles deal with one done (Iowa) and one just starting (Kentucky).
From the NYTimes, “Candidates Brave Cholesterol and Hecklers.” There are 75 foods on a stick, including apple pie and gluten-free corn dogs. There is a cow sculpted from butter and 18 presidential candidates in a bipartisan stampede to the Iowa State Fair–bringing their stump speeches, of course, but more important, aiming to prove their common touch in the ultimate venue for retail campaigning. 
From the DMRegister, “Ultimate Bacon Brisket Bomb.” Bacon notched one more victory on its belt as the dominant Iowa State Fair food, nudging out a corn dish for first place. The recipe: smoked pure ground brisket, diced jalapenos, a few onions, infused with a pepper cheese, all wrapped in bacon, and served with a sweet and spicy chili glaze.

From Kyle Munson’s articles, “Dung Fun.” Did I really just sprint across the entire fairgrounds to arrive in time to fling dung? Pork and corn dishes, cow pies and avian flu–just another day at the fair.
From Kentucky’s WDRB, “Kentucky Proud.” The Kentucky State Fair kicked off its 11-day run with the annual Commodity Breakfast. Kentucky Proud products from beef to pork and eggs to sorghum were served up to a who’s who of agriculture and politics.

From the DMRegister, “Mutton Bustin’.” This writer thinks mutton bustin’ might rate as the finest spectator sport at the fair, in its fifth consecutive year as an event. There are just two age groups: 5 and under, or 6 to 8 years old.

69 Straight Years at the Fair: 
My wife’s cousin Bob has attended the Iowa State Fair every year since 1946. “As a boy living in Iowa, I started attending right after the war. I went with the school band and then started ushering in the Grandstand for the FFA. The best part is the people. I love talking to people and finding out what’s going on.”

NOTE: Check this blog for a look at county fairs–cotton candy, Green Rivers, and dizzy mice on a gambling table.

by dan gogerty (top pic from and bottom pic from buzzquotes)

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