Storm Damage Updates–Florida and Agriculture

UPDATE, Sept. 14: Statewide, the total agricultural cost of the storm will be in the billions, according to the Florida Farm Bureau Federation. Irma’s winds and rains caused widespread destruction of crops, buildings, fencing, and other property. The most severe damage was in Southwest Florida.

Some islands in the Caribbean have been devastated.

Life-affecting storms have hit the southern United States, islands in the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and countries in Africa. The Internet is filled with coverage about the damage—and the efforts many are making to help themselves and others as they recover. 

In this blog, we will focus on Hurricane Irma, and specifically on the effects it has had on Florida’s agriculture.

Fruit, Veggies, and More
This CBS news video shows that Florida fruit growers and farmers have just begun to assess the damage Hurricane Irma wrought on the state’s citrus, sugar cane, and vegetable crops. 
In this NPR report, farmers explain why the storm’s damage is probably the worst they have ever seen
Humans have helped various animals survive the storm.
These photos from a public relations specialist at the University of Florida show local damage to agriculture in the state.  
In this video segment, a reporter from Bloomberg Markets interviews an expert about Hurricane Irma’s financial impact on agriculture.
Helping a Florida Menagerie
The National Wildlife Federation says that some animals know how to take advantage of a hurricane’s aftermath: raccoons scavenge for food, and some bears use fallen trees for shelter. But for most, the risks are severe. Fish can be electrocuted by fallen power lines. Migratory birds can be thrown off course. And animals that live in zoos, shelters, and wildlife refuges are dependent on people for help
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