Student Member Spotlight Q&A: Hannah

Our members are the lifeblood of our organization. They are students, farmers, researchers, department heads, industry experts, food scientists, agronomists–the list goes on. No matter their background, we all have the same wish: to assemble, create and share credible, balanced, science-based information. 

Read about who makes up CAST in our Member Spotlight series. In this post, you will meet  Hannah, a recent graduate and CAST student member.

Meet Hannah

A 2019 Iowa State University graduate who received a Bachelor of Science in global resource systems, environmental studies, and Spanish.

What agricultural issues are most important to you?
The top two agricultural issues that are most important to me are international trade policies and climate change effects on crop growth, yield, and revenue. 

How did you hear about CAST?
When I was a student at Iowa State, I was a member of the club IAAS (International Association of Agriculture and Related Sciences), and a CAST representative spoke at one of our meetings. He encouraged us to apply and become student members. 

Why did you decide to join CAST?
I decided to join CAST as a student because it allowed me to develop a perspective on professional societies and understand their importance to society, especially after undergrad graduation when most people lose access to academic resources.

What role does CAST play in our society?
Communicating agricultural sciences to interested professionals, students, and the general public. CAST helps our communities have access to important and credible research and news. CAST allows student members, young professionals, and experienced researchers to stay involved and up to date.

Thank you, Hannah, for sharing your story and supporting CAST!

Stay tuned for the next installment of our Member Spotlight series.

(Photo courtesy of Hannah)

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