The Good, Bad, and Ugly of Agricultural Terms

A few years back on the Tonight Show, Jimmy Fallon used newsworthy terms to
demonstrate that a good name for one thing might make a bad name for something
else. We’ve twisted that idea by using agricultural terms.

Herbicide: good name for a pesticide that kills weeds, bad name for a new
drink at the Sunset Lounge, terrible name for the theme of your uncle Herb’s
birthday party

Honey Wagon: good name if you’re fertilizing your field, bad name if you’re
following a leaky one on the road, dubious name for a new pancake syrup

Bacon Festival: good name for a pork lovers’ gathering, bad name for a
vegetarian fundraiser, terrible name for the three little pigs’ vacation

Cover Crop: good name for green growth in fields, bad name for the crabgrass
in your yard, terrible name for a hair transplant product

Supersize: good name for a fast food option, bad name for a diet plan, great
name for a winning lottery ticket

Pigweed: good name for a toxic plant, bad name for a farmer’s bean field,
great name for something your pet pig can smoke for medicinal purposes

CRISPR: good name for a gene editing technique, bad name for a tanning
salon, great name for a curly fry

Salmonella: good name to avoid in your food, bad name to have in your food,
terrible name for Sal, the youngest of the Monella brothers

Drip Irrigation: good name for a water system for crops, bad name for a
plumbing company, terrible name for a condition you ask your doctor about 

Butterfinger: good name for a candy bar, bad name for a football receiver,
great name for a digital butter churner

Drone: good name for an unmanned aerial vehicle, bad name for a college
lecturer, trite name for a new TV reality show called Game of Drones

by dan gogerty (pic from

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