4 CAST Publications to Watch for This Fall

We are very pleased to share that we are working to finalize four papers for release this fall. 

All of these papers are the culmination of work by various task forces that are comprised of scientists, engineers, legal scholars, economists, sociologists, and other subject-matter specialists who generously contribute their time, energy, and expertise to help us assemble, interpret, and communicate balanced, credible, science-based information about food and agriculture. 
The titles and expected release dates of these new CAST papers:

September 2019:  Protecting Food Animal Gene Pools for Future Generations–A Series on The Need for Agricultural Innovation to Sustainably Feed the World by 2050

October 2019:  Interpreting Agricultural Chemical Residues Measured in Food or Milk

November 2019:  Impact of Recruitment and Retention of Food Animal Veterinarians on the U.S. Food Supply

November or December 2019:  The Microbiome’s Positive Impacts on Crops

From Kent Scheske, CAST Executive Vice President

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