Whales, Dogs, Humans–Rescue Stories

Folks speculate endlessly about animal intelligence and the relationship certain species have with humans. Some claim creatures purposely intervene and save people, and the latest entry involves a respected marine biologist who thinks a whale protected her from a nearby shark as she was doing underwater research. Nan Hauser knew her tale might invoke skepticism, but she does have video to support her claims.  This clip also gives some insights.

Many others say that dolphins have saved them, and we’re not just talking about the old Flipper TV show here. Ancient Greek stories include dolphins helping drowning sailors, and some in modern times say the finned mammals saved them from sharks. Hmmm. Not many stories in the media about sharks saving people.

Tales abound of other incredible animals–legend says that the founders of ancient Rome, Romulus and Remus, were saved by a wolf when they were abandoned as infants. Of course, dogs rank highest on the rescue scale. This is just one of the 1,200,000 entries Google provides: “Twenty-five Heroic Dogs and How They Saved People.”

Just so we stay rooted in the general flow of dog-human relationships, we will finish with a couple of farm dog blogs. In this list, Mark Parker gives us the top ten differences between a good and bad farm dog. And this blog looks at why “Many ‘Best in Show’ Dogs Live Down on the Farm.”

by dan gogerty (top pic from pressherald.com and bottom from dogbreedinfo.jpg.)

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