Charles A. Black Award Laureates

Richard Wayne Skaggs
March 2009
Pedro Sanchez
March 2008
David Baker
University of Illinois
March 2007
Stanley R. Johnson
April 2006
Norman E. Borlaug
April 2005
Marjorie A. Hoy
University of Florida
March 2004
Kong Luen Heong
International Rice Research Institute-The Phillippines
March 2003
Calvin O. Qualset
University of California
March 2002
Judith S. Stern
University of California
March 2001
Dennis R. Keeney
Leopold Center for Sustainable Agriculture
Iowa State University
March 2000
Abner W. Womack
Food and Agricultural Policy Research Institute
University of Missouri, Columbia
March 1999
Per Pinstrup-Andersen
International Food Policy Research Institute
March 1998
Neil E. Harl
Iowa State University
April 1997
Luther G. Tweeten
The Ohio State University
March 1996
Dale E. Bauman
Cornell University
February 1995
F. J. Francis
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
February 1994
Fergus M. Clydesdale
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
February 1993
John Pesek
Iowa State University
February 1992
Homer M. LeBaron
February 1991
Donald E. Davis
Auburn University
February 1990
Stanley E. Curtis
University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign
February 1989
William E. Larson
University of Minnesota
July 1987
Charles A. Black
July 1986

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