COVID-19’s Impacts on the U.S. Food System

(Updated April 3, 2020)
March 24, 2020 
Note: See the previous CAST blog post from March 19 for online learning resources. 

CAST’s mission focuses on providing balanced, credible science-based information about food and agriculture. With the current COVID-19 situation, we will use this space to provide regular updates on news, announcements, and pertinent educational resource material related to agriculture, science, our members, and CAST activities. 


COVID-19’s Impacts on the U.S. Food System 

Tremendous changes have been enforced or encouraged through many regions of the United States, all in an effort to quell the forecasted spike in COVID-19 cases. As we move forward with practices to achieve this goal, questions about food supply and safety have risen.   

Below, we’ve collected information and resources that relate to COVID-19’s influence on the food industry. 

How Much Food Do We Have? 

Food Delivery Safety 

Additional News 

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The first paper looks at the challenges of attracting and retaining veterinarians for rural areas. On April 7 at 12 p.m., CAST will host a webinar highlighting our new paper, Impact of Recruitment and Retention of Food Animal Veterinarians on the U.S. Food Supply. The webinar is open and free to anyone who would like to join. 

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