Resources and Information for Virtual Learning during COVID-19 Pandemic

(Updated April 13, 2020)
March 19, 2020

CAST’s mission focuses on providing balanced, credible science-based information about food and agriculture. With the current COVID-19 situation, we will use this space to provide regular updates on news, announcements, and pertinent educational resource material related to agriculture, science, our members, and CAST activities.

Note: See the previous CAST blog post from March 17 for other links and information related to COVID-19 and CAST.

Online Resources

Online resources are key to a solid distance learning program, and CAST will provide suggested links from varied sources as well as the organization’s own publications and videos in an effort to help with effective science/ag communication. Online information is plentiful, but it can be challenging to find sites that are credible, safe, and useful. We suggest that you watch for updates, consider sources, and beware of online malware and scams.

In today’s blog post, we will list resources for K-12, universities, and general interest—plus links to the free material available from CAST.

Ag Specific

General and K-12

General and Universities

Most universities are creating information useful for their communities—for example, Nebraska, North Carolina A&T, University of Florida, and Cornell. We have provided a few extra useful resources below:

Free CAST Material

CAST is investigating ways to provide study guides for the publications it will release during the next months. View our first study guide and other free CAST resources below:

Check our blog for regular updates and a list of resources (from CAST and its members) regarding education in this time of online connections. CAST also is communicating through its social media outlets and its regular Friday Notes newsletter.

The first paper looks at the challenges of attracting and retaining veterinarians for rural areas. On April 7 at 12 p.m., CAST will host a webinar highlighting our new paper, Impact of Recruitment and Retention of Food Animal Veterinarians on the U.S. Food Supply. The webinar is open and free to anyone who would like to join.

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