Abramsson Zetterberg, Lilianne

Agriculture and the Microbiome
Category: Abramsson Zetterberg, Lilianne
August, 2020

Modern agriculture is successful today because of advances in mechanization, breeding, nutrients (e.g., fertilization), and pest and disease management, all of which enhance crop productivity and provide greater food security. Expanding the use of crop microbiomes to improve plant production is the next agricultural revolution.

Acrylamide in Food
Category: Abramsson Zetterberg, Lilianne
June, 2006

As an industrial chemical, acrylamide has been studied extensively for more than 40 years, resulting in a broad base of scientific knowledge covering various toxicological endpoints, metabolism, kinetics, mode of action, and health effects in animals. Very little scientific evidence is available in humans, particularly with respect to food.