Bell, Alan W.

Ethical Implications of Animal Biotechnology: Considerations for Animal Welfare Decision Making
Category: Bell, Alan W.
August, 2010

Part 9, “ANIMAL AGRICULTURE’S FUTURE THROUGH BIOTECHNOLOGY.” Animal biotechnology, which includes both genetic engineering and mammalian cloning, has expanded rapidly in recent decades. These technologies already have been applied in biomedical research and now are nearing application within the food system.

Vaccine Development Using Recombinant DNA Technology
Category: Bell, Alan W.
May, 2008

PART 7, “ANIMAL AGRICULTURE’S FUTURE THROUGH BIOTECHNOLOGY.” Infectious animal diseases continue to rank foremost among the significant factors limiting efficient production in animal agriculture. In addition, infectious agents that are transmitted from animals to humans by way of food and water present an increasing threat to the safety and security of the world food supply and continue to affect human health significantly.