Faust, Marjorie A.

Safety of Meat, Milk, and Eggs from Animals Fed Crops Derived from Modern Biotechnology
Category: Faust, Marjorie A.
July, 2006

PART 5, “ANIMAL AGRICULTURE’S FUTURE THROUGH BIOTECHNOLOGY.”As the global land area of biotechnology-derived crops continues to increase, these crops have become an increasingly important source of feedstuffs for farm animals, and it is important to review the safety of meat, milk, and eggs derived from animals fed these crops.

Evaluation of the U.S. Regulatory Process for Crops Developed through Biotechnology
Category: Faust, Marjorie A.
October, 2001

A group of nine science and policy experts prepared this evaluation of the process by which U.S. regulatory agencies determine the safety of biotechnology-derived crops. The authors found that the U.S. regulatory process is comprehensive and meets its charge of ensuring that biotechnology-derived foods are at least as safe as foods derived using traditional breeding techniques.