Potter, Morris E.

Using Risk Analysis to Inform Microbial Food Safety Decisions
Category: Potter, Morris E.
June, 2006

Protecting the public from food safety risks, while maintaining a viable agricultural and food industry in an open society, is a daunting task. Risk analysis provides a systematic and transparent process for gathering information, estimating risks, weighing options, drawing conclusions, and communicating information to arrive at decisions that meet broad societal needs.

Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies in the United States
Category: Potter, Morris E.
September, 2000

This report from CAST characterizes the overall U.S. risk for the occurrence of bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), commonly called “mad cow” disease, as extremely low.

Foodborne Pathogens: Review of Recommendations
Category: Potter, Morris E.
October, 1998

Scientists offer 18 recommendations as a platform to focus and stimulate efforts toward food safety improvements.

Radiation Pasteurization of Food
Category: Potter, Morris E.
April, 1996

Foodborne bacteria cause as many as 9,000 deaths in the United States annually; yet scientifically proven safe, low doses of pasteurizing radiation can kill over 99% of most foodborne bacteria. Radiation pasteurization safely controls foodborne pathogens on beef, pork, lamb, and seafood.