Beitz, Donald C.

Interpreting Pesticide Residues in Food
Category: Beitz, Donald C.
October, 2019

There is a keen awareness among many consumers that pesticide chemicals frequently reach consumers in the form of food residues. This report concludes that there is no direct scientific or medical evidence indicating that typical exposure of consumers to pesticide residues poses any health risk.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Health Benefits and Dietary Recommendations
Category: Beitz, Donald C.
May, 2018

This publication presents a robust narrative on the family of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids—a narrative that not only includes their biochemistry, but also encompasses potential health effects, dietary sources, recommended intakes, and federal regulations regarding health and nutrient claims—so readers can make informed decisions on if and how they can better incorporate these nutrients in promoting a healthier lifestyle

Animal Productivity and Genetic Diversity: Cloned and Transgenic Animals
Category: Beitz, Donald C.
August, 2009

PART 8, “ANIMAL AGRICULTURE’S FUTURE THROUGH BIOTECHNOLOGY.” This new paper, “Animal Productivity and Genetic Diversity: Cloned and Transgenic Animals,” discusses two of the most recent reproductive technologies used to improve agronomic traits in livestock. One main limitation to the further development and use of these technologies has been the lack of public acceptance.

Contribution of Animal Products to Healthful Diets
Category: Beitz, Donald C.
October, 1997

  Foods derived from animals contribute significantly to total nutrients in the U.S. food supply. […]

Food Fats and Health
Category: Beitz, Donald C.
December, 1991

This CAST report supports dietary recommendations to decrease food fat consumption from the present national average of 37% to less than 30% of the total caloric intake. The agricultural and food industries are responding by redesigning fresh and processed foods so that consumers can more readily meet these recommendations.