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Preventing the Next Plant Invasion: Opportunities and Challenges
Category: Schroeder, Jill
March, 2024

Preventing the Next Plant Invasion: Opportunities and Challenges This paper focuses on invasive plant species […]

The Role of Agricultural Science and Technology in Climate 21 Project Implementation
Category: Schroeder, Jill
June, 2021

The transition team for the Biden Administration introduced the Climate 21 Project as the blueprint for how the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) can help advance the role of agriculture and forestry to mitigate and adapt to climate change pressures. This report will summarize for each of the key recommendations and priorities where current agricultural science and technology for plant and animal production can be applied and where new investments will be critical to meeting the goals of the administration.

Stewardship Challenges for New Pest Management Technologies in Agriculture
Category: Schroeder, Jill
May, 2020

Technology is a key enabler of more efficient agricultural production as growers attempt to meet the cost-effective need for increased food, fiber, and bioenergy, while managing limited inputs, conserving valuable natural resources, and protecting environmental quality. Each new pest management technology (weed, insect, disease) developed brings a number of benefits and risks—environmental, health, resistance—that must be considered and managed through effective stewardship practices to ensure that benefits are fully realized while risks are minimized.

Crop Protection Contributions toward Agricultural Productivity
Category: Schroeder, Jill
April, 2017

Crop Protection Contributions toward Agricultural Productivity is a paper in the series on The Need for Agricultural Innovation to Sustainably Feed the World by 2050. Many rely on just a few to provide food and fiber—and crop protection techniques are a major factor in this essential productivity.