Special Publications

Zoonotic Diseases in Animal Agriculture and Beyond: A One Health Perspective
Category: Special Publications
November, 2022

By looking through the lens of One Health, we identify key lessons learned in the […]

Flujo de Genes en Alfalfa: Biología, Mitigación y Efectos Potenciales en la Producción
Category: Special Publications
September, 2019

Este importante informe de CAST describe la biología y las prácticas agronómicas de la alfalfa […]

Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Health Benefits and Dietary Recommendations
Category: Special Publications
May, 2018

This publication presents a robust narrative on the family of omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids—a narrative that not only includes their biochemistry, but also encompasses potential health effects, dietary sources, recommended intakes, and federal regulations regarding health and nutrient claims—so readers can make informed decisions on if and how they can better incorporate these nutrients in promoting a healthier lifestyle

Assessing the Health of Streams in Agricultural Landscapes: The Impacts of Land Management Change on Water Quality
Category: Special Publications
March, 2012

The Clean Water Act of 1987 states that the elimination of pollutant discharge into navigable water is a national goal. Agriculture has been identified repeatedly as a significant contributor of nonpoint source pollution to surface waters. Despite conservation efforts, water quality problems still exist; all agricultural states struggle with balancing productive landscapes and water quality.

Sustainability of U.S. Soybean Production
Category: Special Publications
June, 2009

This new CAST Special Publication (SP 30), “Sustainability of U.S. Soybean Production: Conventional, Transgenic, and Organic Production Systems,” documents the ecological and economic implications of the various systems used in U.S. soybean production. Soybean production has changed in the United States since its first introduction in the mid-1880s. Initially, the crop was produced mainly for forage and received only minimal inputs

Fate and Transport of Pathogens in Swine Manure
Category: Special Publications
December, 2008

This publication, “Fate and Transport of Zoonotic Bacterial, Viral, and Parasitic Pathogens During Swine Manure Treatment, Storage, and Land Application,” is a collaborative effort of CAST and the National Pork Board to provide a literature review on topics directly related to swine manure management systems, bacterial hazards associated with swine manure, common swine viruses, and the fate and transport of zoonotic parasite pathogens.

Gene Flow in Alfalfa: Biology, Mitigation, and Potential Impact on Production
Category: Special Publications
October, 2008

This Special Publication describes the biology and agronomic practices in alfalfa that should be considered in developing coexistence strategies to allow growers to have choices, specifically between genetically engineered (GE), conventional, and GE-sensitive markets in the United States.

Water Quality and Quantity Issues for Turfgrasses in Urban Landscapes
Category: Special Publications
March, 2008

Scientists have documented an array of benefits to the environment and to humans resulting from turfgrasses. Water management is a key component of healthy turfgrasses, and it directly affects nutrient use efficiency and plant productivity. This Special Publication, which follows from a 2006 workshop, presents the best current science for the efficient use of water for turfgrasses in urban landscapes, including considerations for low-precipitation landscapes, water quality protection, water use policies, pesticide leaching, nutrient transport in surface runoff, water requirements, cultural practices, and irrigation systems.

Avian Influenza Vaccines: Focusing on H5N1 High Pathogenicity Avian Influenza (HPAI)
Category: Special Publications
October, 2007

Avian influenza (AI) vaccine can be used in emergency, routine, and preventive programs, although vaccine alone will not completely eliminate AI. Written and reviewed by an international Task Force, this CAST Special Publication provides a summary and education on the crucial issues surrounding AI vaccination.

Management of Pest Resistance: Strategies Using Crop Management, Biotechnology, and Pesticides
Category: Special Publications
June, 2004

The April 2003 CAST-convened symposium on pest resistance management (PRM) was the first such U.S.-based multidisciplinary stakeholder meeting in nearly a decade. Major objectives included identifying common issues related to PRM across disciplines, considering ways to remove barriers to effective preventive resistance management, describing research activities in PRM, and disseminating this information to a wide audience of stakeholders.